The main goals of BAAI are:

  1. To unite the efforts and resources of the organizations of Bulgaria in order to execute projects and installations in Bulgaria and abroad;
  2. To form professional teams, to organize training courses, qualification and retraining of personnel in the construction field and to attract leading specialists for participation in joint projects;
  3. To assist its members in the creation of mutual finished products which could be implemented in the industry;
  4. To prepare tender documents, offers, expertise, analyzes, reviews; to develop technical standards and normative documents in the field of management and control of projects and technological facilities, to assist in the monitoring and synchronization of international standards and normative documents;
  5. Organize international workshops, seminars and symposia to exchange experience and good practices in the preparation and implementation of construction project management, the results of which will be published on the Association’s website and in its electronic edition;
  6. To work for the protection and restoration of nature, the environment and the prevention of environmental problems, to form a conservation culture and to promote public awareness of ways to protect and restore the environment.

The tasks of BAAI are to:

  1. Encourage and organize studies, meetings, projects, conferences; inform its members of the tasks and prospect developments needed for the atomic industry;
  2. Issue and distribute information and educational materials, printed, audio-visual, multimedia products, including distribution of any material promoting its activity on the Internet;
  3. Develop, support and implement projects for timely access to information;
  4. Organize and participate in the implementation of initiatives related to the protection and restoration of the environment and creation of broad partnership between public and scientific organizations, government institutions, the media, local communities and businesses;
  5. Develop and implement projects with appropriate professional activities;
  6. Organize public events, meetings, competitive tendering and other forms related to the activation of civic participation in discussing and solving current problems;
  7. Participate in mediation and lobbying;
  8. Develop, participate and implement programs and activities in the field of specialized higher education for specialists in the field of nuclear and energy industries, additional education and / or retraining in specialties for the needs of this industry by interacting and cooperating with leading universities in the country and abroad, as well as corporate training centers and qualification for the world’s leading corporations and companies.
  9. To support and encourage developments in the field of digital technologies and IT, including those based on virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies, for the needs of the nuclear and energy industries.