Engineering Academy of Armenia has been created on the basis of the Armenian branch of Engineering Academy of the USSR and was a part of the International Engineering Academy (IEA) as the founder and a collective member. The goal of the EAA is the practical assistance to restoration and development of the industry and all economic potential of Republic of Armenia. Now the Academy unites more than 300 leading scientists, engineers – doctors and candidates of sciences, academicians from National Academy of Sciences of Armenia. Experts of the Engineering Academy participate in various scientific researches, from the international scientific and technical programs (FP7, ISTC, CRDF, TEMPUS, TACIS, INTAS etc.) and also receive individual grants and means allocated with industrial structures, interested in improvement of quality of competitiveness of production both on internal, and on international markets. The members of Academy are engaged also in educational activity in various educational institutions in Armenia.

Seven Ways Ltd. is a Bulgarian company with Italian participation, which develops a publishing and information activity, deals with Internet projects, PR and creation of international businesses contacts

Seven Weiss is the publisher of the Italian online magazine for entrepreneurs with an eye towards business opportunities in Bulgaria Il Velo di Maya MAGAZINE (, online the portals (in Italian) and (in Bulgarian).

“ZEUS-PIPELINE” company has been producing unique cleaning equipment and technological equipment based on electric impulse discharge for more than 30 years

The largest oil refining company on the Balkan Peninsula. Main supplier of fuel on the internal market of the Republic of Bulgaria. “LUKOIL Neftohim Burgas” JSC

Innovative solutions and products in the field of renewable energy, electric drive and energy storage.

Global Hydro Energy GmbH (GHE) is one of the world’s leading companies in hydropower technology solutions for small-scale production. The product line includes hydraulic units with a power of 1–30 MW using Kaplan, Pelton, Francis type turbines for stationary installation and a container version under the trade name SmarT with a power of 100 kW to 2 MW.

Purification and disinfection of water using ultraviolet rays, ultrasound and acoustic vibrations.

Hydro-optical UV definition technology

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Adaptive Energy Saving System ACTIVE ELECTRICITY SAVINGS up to 30%

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Fond Service, Russia

Sercobe – National Association of Capital Goods Producers, Spain

Technological Engineering Holding “PETON”, Россия

SODACONSULT – Consulting & Engineering Office s.c., Poland

Saint Petersburg State University, Russia

Bulgarian Welding Union

National Agency for Welding Control, Russia

Techno-Trade, Russia, Tatarstan

Polimex Mostostal, Poland

Belsoft Technologies, Belarus

Ekomet – S, Russia

Electropult factory, Russia