Scope of funding and costs

  1. Minimum value of the project: EUR 2 million
  2. Term: 3 – 20 years
  3. Grace period: 0,5 – 2 years
  4. Annual interest rate: 3.5% on the declining capital
  5. Credit insurance: 0.89%
  6. Success fee: 6% (6% are added to each tranche transferred, which goes to ASA Europe. Their payment is made as the full amount is distributed over the years of the contract – eg at 10 years 0.6% per year are paid )
  7. Fee to the consulting company: 3% (paid from the first tranche transferred)
  8. The client must show an amount equal to 2% of the project value as a proof of availability of funds – they must be present in the client’s account for only 21 banking days, after which the funds are free.

Necessary documents to start the process

  1. A short business plan based on numbers or a complete one, if available.
  2. A brief description of the project
  3. If there are letters of intent with clients, preliminary agreements or contracts – to be described and / or given
  4. If you buy an existing business – financial data for two years
  5. In case of a new business to be co-financed – balance for two years
  6. In a construction of residential complexes – additional information about the method of sales

The process of preparing a loan application to be granted to the investment platform.

  1. Following the initial assessment, Triniti Holding selects the fund or funds that could potentially finance the project thereafter. Triniti Holding includes several financing funds. ASA Europe is also part of Triniti Holding.
  2. After signing the cooperation agreement with ASA Europe and paying the preparation fee in the amount of 1000 EUR / million, the minimum being 5 thousand EUR (for larger projects the rate is individual, but not more than 60 thousand EUR ), an analyst is appointed, with whom the client adapts the business plan to the specific fund and fills in all missing documents.
  3. This service includes:
    a. preparation of a business model for financing in accordance with the guidelines of the fund,
    b. double-checking the business plan in accordance with the guidelines of the fund,
    c. preparation of the application and its submission to an international investment platform, where the application is evaluated by risk experts and a financial promise is given.
  4. Subsequently, the investment agreement between the client and the fund is concluded and the entire procedure for granting funds is carried out by the fund, including the registration of special investment purpose companies in the country of investment and in the country of the fund providing the financing. The loan is secured by a registered pledge on the investment.
  5. The duration of the procedure is approximately 30 days if there is no delay on the part of the client.


Engr. Angel Filipov

mobile: 00 359 889 298 179