Scope of funding and costs

  1. Minimum value of the project: EUR 50 million
  2. Term: up to 10 years
  3. Grace period: determined by the borrower depending on the project
  4. Annual interest rate: fixed up to 2%
  5. One-time contract fee – 2% paid from the first tranche transferred
  6. The client must provide collateral for the loan ( most often a Bank Guarantee, Lease BG). In case it cannot provide such collateral itself – the fund may designate a provider with which the client can conclude a contract for issuing a bank guarantee. Before payment – the fund checks and approves the bank guarantee. Usually, the price of the service for issuing the bank guarantee is about 6-8% of the requested loan amount – but it depends on the conditions of the provider.

Necessary documents to start the process

  1. The borrower sends LOI to the fund
  2. The fund provides a complete package of documents to be completed by the client
  3. After completing and sending them to the fund, the client receives a draft contract for joint activities (JVA) with absorption table and repayment table, as well as all other actions for receiving and repaying the loan.
  4. The JVA is signed after the verification of the RWA (MT 199) by the fund (the provision of collateral).
  5. The duration of the procedure is approximately 2 weeks depending on the actions of the borrower.



Engr. Angel Filipov

mobile: 00 359 889 298 179