„Electrolux – Tabakov and Sons” Ltd is a family-owned company established in 2003 as a direct successor of “Nikola Tabakov – Electrolux” ET (Sole Trader). Its activity in the field of electrical services started in the distant 1991. Its founder, Mr. Nikola Tabakov, started his career in the field more than 60 years ago. From a purely electric engineering company, “Electrolux Tabakov and Sons” Ltd expanded its activity to complex engineering services, managing to keep the most important thing: the desire of their clients to be satisfied with the quality of their cooperation. Up to this moment, the company has over 500 successfully completed installations of different types.

As a result of many years of experience and as a response to market demand, the company managed to expand its portfolio of services and activities in the fields of energy, renewable energy, electrical installations, street and park lighting, heating networks and facilities, water supply, drainage and sewage, construction, roads and pavements, lightning protection, complex supplies and more. The company constructed many facilities of national importance and is known as a reliable partner in the public and private sectors not only in Bulgaria, but also abroad.

Official page: https://electrolux-tabakov.com/