„Energoimport-export“ Ltd is a company founded in 1996 in Stara-Zagora. The company has successfully implemented projects in the electrical power facilities of “Maritza Iztok”, “Mini Maritza Iztok” EAD, “Kozloduy” NPP and all major industrial enterprises in the country. It participated in the construction and equipment supply of the Radioactive Waste and Spent Fuel Storage Complexes in Lithuania, together with the German company NUKEM Technologies and Lithuanian partners from Baltic Information Systems, Visaginas. The company provides professional solutions in the field of energy and has professionally trained specialists, competent for solving specific tasks in the field of repair of electrical machinery and electrical equipment in industrial enterprises.

“Energoimport-Export” Ltd provides the following services:

     – Engineering;

     – Electrical installation activities;

     – Repair and reconstruction of power transformers up to 400 kv

     – Electrolaboratory regeneration and degassing of transformer oil. Turbine oil regeneration;

     – Service activities;

     – Repair of turbogenerators and electric motors;

     – Delivery;

Official page: www.enimex-bg.com