„Solery“ Ltd designs and constructs solar thermal systems and photovoltaic systems. The company performs the entire process – preliminary design study, design, mechanical reinforcement, hydraulic and electrical connection, start-up, adjustment and commissioning. All ready-to-operate. The company builds hybrid systems, – a combination of renewable and conventional energy sources.

The systems of “Solery“ Ltd are different in scale – they start with a capacity of 1 kilowatt and reach hundreds of kilowatts. The company always considers the needs of the customer and the efficiency of the system being built. It has a vast experience with domestic systems, industry systems, sports complexes and large rehabilitation center systems. It works with high-end solar collectors and panels, which results in reliable operation and long-term service of the system.

The goal of “Solery” Ltd. is to maximize the assimilation and utilization of solar energy. The company’s projects extend beyond the borders of Bulgaria – solar energy is harvested where circumstances allow so. It aims at a long-life system performance and a quick return on investment.

The company’s experts have a decade of experience in electricity and thermal energy, which is a prerequisite for understanding the processes and deploying solar energy systems where they would be most effective.

Official page: www.solery.eu